Poultry Show cancellation - Otley Show 2017

Following the recent announcement of a second case of avian flu in Lancashire, and in the absence (to date) of any firm instruction or guidance from DEFRA, the Poultry committee of Otley Show have made the difficult decision to cancel the poultry section of the show. 

The pigeon section and egg section WILL go ahead, subject to regulations regarding the movement of birds and eggs set by DEFRA.

All on the Poultry committee have pushed as hard as they can to stage a poultry show if at all possible, but the situation as it stands means that they cannot reasonably expect to hold a Poultry show without an unacceptable degree of risk.

Otley Show understands that this will be disappointing news to those who planned to exhibit poultry, but trust that everyone will understand the reasons for this regrettable decision.